Injection mould product specialist Injectaplas has ordered a suite of seven new Borche injection moulding machines as part of a £500,000 investment programme.
The firm, based in Rugeley, Staffordshire, decided to upgrade its existing range of Sandretto machines which dated back to pre-2005. Injectaplas used the services of Plastic Machinery Sales, a supplier of new and used injection moulding machines, in a part-exchange deal.
General manager Julian Clark told PRW: “We felt our techonlogy had to make a big leap. Sometimes you read the manufacturer’s claims with a pinch of salt. But in this case, we felt they were true.”
The remainder of the £500,000 investment will go towards upgrading the firm’s power supply and its premises. The company specialises in the manufacture of plastic wheels in high viscosity nylon, polypropylene and polyurethane and supplies various industrial sectors including food, retail, furniture and transport.
Injectaplas said it fully evaluated and considered a number of potential machinery suppliers over many months before ultimately selecting Borche. Managing director Chris Whelan said: “We selected Borche over and above a number of competitors on the basis of the energy efficiency of the machines together with the excellent service support from Borche UK in Droitwich and we are confident that we have made the correct decision.”